At the moment the home office is running a campaign to create a greater awareness of rape.

You may have seen it on television, and the current advert can be found below. However you feel about the issue of rape, be it a horrible act or something you think may never happen to you, it is always good to have a clear understanding of what is classified as rape. For many, there is confusion surrounding what can be classed as rape and so here at MouthLondon we are giving it to you straight.

Rape is solely defined as when a male forces his penis into the mouth, anus or vagina of another person when that person doesn’t want him to do so; the law calls this ‘without consent’. However, rape is not singled out to only men as there have been cases of woman on man rape. This is classified as sexual assault and is as illegal as rape.

being made to sexually stimulate themselves

There are different forms of sexual assault:

Objects or parts of the body (e.g. a finger) being put into someone’s vagina or anus when that person didn’t want it to happen.

Someone being touched in a sexual way that makes him or her feel uncomfortable or frightened. This could be through their clothes (like bottom pinching).

Someone being made to sexually stimulate themselves using their hands or fingers (known as masturbation).

Any other form of physical closeness that happens without consent is known as sexual assault. It can also include; watching other people having sex, ‘sexting’ (texting sexual images), and forcing involvement in watching or making pornography.

…tell someone you trust…

Rape is a horrible ordeal and nobody whether you’re young or old, a different nationality, sex or sexuality should go through it. If you feel that you have been pressured into doing something that you did not want to do then the best thing you can do is tell someone you trust or ask for advice.

The This Is Abuse website has all the information and sections to contact that will be answered as quickly as possible.

Rape isn’t something that just happens and if it happens to you and you say nothing then the person who committed the crime will keep on doing it, maybe to you or others.


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