We’ve all had to do it.

At some point in our studies or at work we’ve had to go through health and safety procedures. Whether it’s the dreaded fire alarm tests at 2 am or having to order a new fire extinguisher, it’s a big deal.

Even as you read this there are countless signs in regard to workplace safety that we pass every day, but make all the difference. Signs in the street, those explaining dangerous electrics and the simplest that point the way to your escape route during a fire. Imagine them not there and see the amount of accidents rise in number.

…he government’s recent flimsy standpoint on health and safety…

With this in mind it was interesting to learn about the government’s recent flimsy standpoint on health and safety, one that not only undermines general well being in businesses, but also their own authority.

In this country we used to have a darn good track record concerning health and safety. However, within three years the coalition has cut health and safety regulation, cut funding to inspectors, made it harder to seek compensation and limited the enforcement of legislation to a large amount of organisations and businesses.

…the so called ‘compensation culture’…

There is such a fear over workplace safety that these big companies put vast amounts of their time and effort into making sure that they cannot be affected by the so called ‘compensation culture’. However, by doing this they run the risk of over-compliance to a set of rules that they do not fully understand.

Many have argued that the cuts are necessary as a way to lift the burden off businesses. But in most cases the burden has been placed there by the businesses themselves. At the moment the problem that we face is an over cautiousness when it comes to health and safety. Instead of getting rid of the legislation, they should just enforce new incentives to teach about health and safety so this burden is never felt.

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