Famous for her appearance on The Apprentice and subsequent bizarre, ranting interviews on a variety of weekday morning television shows, Katie Hopkins has this week crossed the line between offensive and complete disrespect. Following the horrific Glasgow helicopter tragedy on Friday of last week, Katie took to her Twitter account to spout some more of her vile, money making opinions.

“Life expectancy in Scotland based 07/08 birth is 59.5. Goodness me. That lot will do anything to avoid working until retirement.”

Following this distasteful, offensive and disgustingly ill-timed ‘joke’, over 66,000 people have gone on to sign an online petition to remove her from all future programmes and TV interviews. Poor Katie didn’t exactly help herself when she went on to Tweet, ‘There appear to be a number of conflicting petitions out there to have me hung and quartered. Please do feel free to sign them all. PC tastic.” Following the Twitter backlash, Hopkins then went on to take a more human approach and apologised for the Tweet, which she admitted, was ‘terribly ill timed’. Bit too late for that, Katie! With 84,000 followers, the Tweet (which has now been deleted) was retweeted and shared hundreds of times over.

…I think we live and die by the sword and people are right to have their views…

Nine people were killed when the Police Scotland helicopter crashed into the Clutha Bar, which sits on the banks of the Clyde. At the time of the accident, the 200-year-old public house was host to a gig and was full to the brim with revellers. The Change.com online petition states, ‘We the undersigned are sick and tired of ITV and Channel 5 giving her (Hopkins) airtime and want her banned from all TV shows on your channels such as This Morning and The Wright Stuff.’ With the number of signatures steadily increasing, it will be interesting to see if the TV channels do respond to the situation.

In an interview with BBC West Midlands, Hopkins said in reaction to the online petition, “Whenever I go on a sofa and there is backlash, I always say, look, I’ve had my say, people have the right to have theirs. I think that it’s powerful when people get together in these groups and make change happen, that’s one of the phenomenon we now have with social media. I think we live and die by the sword and people are right to have their views. Obviously, if that’s the way people feel and they have correlated it this strongly then I have to respect that that’s their view. I can only do what I’ve done – and that’s say sorry.”

…it’s no longer a gimmick…

We’ve all heard her offend people’s names, overweight individuals, people with tattoos and those who support attachment parenting, but isn’t it about time that programmes such as This Morning stop giving her a platform to offend purely to increase ratings? She’s made money from offending people and being generally controversial, but we’ve seen it, been offended and it’s no longer a gimmick. Whilst Katie might think that a quick apology Tweet and a couple of phone interviews might appease the baying mobs, it’s unlikely that the people of Scotland in particular will ever be swayed on their opinions of her.

Maybe avoid planning a Christmas trip to the beautiful festive markets in Bonnie Scotland this year, eh Katie?

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