With daily revelations about different animals being found in other animal products.

The mane thing is no one is quite sure what they are eating and this mislabelling stirrup is understandable. Much like going to the zoo and finding the giraffes to be lamas with papier-mâché extensions. Findus appear to be the front runner in the public’s focused distaste of the industry with Nestle, Lidl and Aldi close behind.

Britain’s perception of what animals can be eaten is questionable with cows, pigs and chickens being morally fine whereas eating horse seems barbaric or worse, European. No-one relishes the thought of eating Seabiscuit, Black Beauty, Red-Rum or that one from War Horse as they attain a certain nobility or honorary character about them, whereas other farmyard creatures such as cows, pigs and chickens do not have the same Public Relations. Maybe Britain should be less blinkered and be prepared to slaughter all animals for consumption not just an elected few.

…It would be foalish to carry on…

Or maybe many Brits must hang up their dedication to eating such meals from tradition and look to see what implications and effects buying these products have on themselves and their environment. Perhaps it is time to bite the billet and reject the industry altogether or at least become ‘flexitarian’. It would be foalish to carry on as if nothing has happened. Perhaps it is a great time to reject eating the great American burger altogether after all it is high in fat and Shergar. More time should be spent on creating a well-balanced meal instead of something quick and easy, and ready to eat on the hoof.

I would not be surprised if a new category of meat is found on the market: horse. Surely the sales of ‘Beef’ must be floundering and with many unwittingly already tried the new product, the equestrian is: why not try to sell the product honestly and call it horse meat? The price of real beef must surely rise as, presumably, the consumer will want more transparency on what they are eating and it will have to be made from more cows, which was the economic reason why horse was sold as beef. Not many seemed to have reacted too harshly to the new product so there is a large market for it.

…other unexpected animals and products are found between your thoroughbread roll…

It’s time to pony up and you will not be unsurprising if horse is found in many other places too. Or worse, other unexpected animals and products are found between your thoroughbread roll next to the tomato, lettuce and gherkins: it is offal. It’s not too late to bolt the door because are we sure that the horse has been let out of the stable. Perhaps I should flesh-out my argument minus the on-slaught of puns: cut the hypocrisy and either be more open minded about what you are eating OR don’t eat meat.

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