So the sender of that infamous ‘Definitely knocked a cyclist off his bike earlier. I have right of way – he doesn’t even pay road tax! #BloodyCyclists’ Tweet has been summoned to appear in court next month to answer charges relating to driving without due care and attention, and we can’t say we’re entirely surprised.

After 21 year old Emma Way, took to Twitter to stick her foot in it and admit her involvement in the road accident in Norfolk she failed to stop at, it got us thinking…how many more people are going to get themselves into serious trouble on Twitter before common sense prevails and saves the day?

From the newly appointment Police Youth Crime Commissioner’s rather distasteful opinions littering her Twitter account to the young holiday makers who Tweeted that they planned on ‘destroying America’, we think it’s time to adopt some ground rules.

…assume everyone is reading your Tweets…

Firstly, and if you’re account is public: assume everyone is reading your Tweets. Before you’re inclined to type something offensive or implicate yourself in a crime, sit back and think for a second, ‘will this land me on BBC Breakfast making a grovelling apology or trying to justify my actions to the disgruntled public?’

Secondly, try and not Tweet anything about the intricacies of how much you hate your job. Employers can see that sort of stuff and you can save yourself a cringe worthy meeting in the manager’s office by keeping those thoughts off the Internet – no matter how much you feel like unleashing a public, expletive ridden rant. The same goes for those ‘so glad I pulled a sickie today’ Tweets, also not a good idea for obvious reasons.

…Twitter is monitored…

Lastly, avoid Tweeting any unsavoury information about your holiday or travel plans. We all know that Twitter is monitored and the last thing you want to happen when you arrive at the airport is to be whisked off by the police over an ill thought out Tweet, instead of getting on your flight to the Costa del Sol.

As for Emma Way, who admitted she could only blame herself for the uproar her Tweet caused but argued that the public had only heard one side of the story, she will attend the court hearing in August to explain why she failed to stop, or report the incident which happened in May of this year to the police. Let’s take this opportunity to learn from Ms Way’s epic misjudgement and think before we Tweet.

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