After much debate, twenty of the UK’s universities are going to bite the bullet and trial run a new way of marking and grading student’s degrees. If all goes well with the pilot, we could see every university in the UK changing to this new marking scheme by autumn 2014.

So, what will this new points system look like? Here goes.

High First Class Degree – 4.25+ points, A+
Mid First Class Degree – 4 points, A
Low First Class Degree – 3.7 points, A-

High 2:1 Degree – 3.5 points, B+

Mid 2:1 Degree -3.25 points, B
Low 2:1 Degree – 3 points, B-

High 2:2 Degree – 2.75 points, C+
Mid 2:2 Degree – 2.5 points, C
Low 2:2 Degree – 2.25 points, C-

Third Class Degree – 2 points, D+
Low Third Class Degree – 1 point, D
Just Failed – 0.5 points, D-

Fail – 0 points, F


Bit confusing, isn’t it? So although this new system is providing a more detailed breakdown of where you scored in your degree, it doesn’t completely get rid of the current system. You’ll still walk away with a First, a 2:1, 2:2 or a third – but just with a more accurate idea where you fall into each category.

The new system was devised by the Higher Education Academy as a more ‘precise way of recording students’ achievements.’ More reminiscent of American grade point averages, the grading looks to cater more to students and universities who say that there needs to be more clarification on exactly where students score in order for future employers to make informed decisions on where graduates stand educationally.  

…This is a hugely important project…

According to Sir Bob Burgess, the vice chancellor of the University of Leicester and chairman of the Higher Education Academy, “This is a hugely important project which will provide evidence to inform a full debate about degree classification and the possibility of a uniform GPA (grade point average) system in the UK.”

So, will the new scheme be a success to be rolled out next autumn or will we stick to the way we’re used to being graded? At the moment, only time will tell but it looks like it won’t be long until we join our mates across the pond in employing a grade point average marking system.

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