A UN report has condemned North Korea for perpetrating a litany of ‘crimes against humanity’ comparable to the acts perpetrated by the Nazi regime. The report, drawn from an array of evidence given by escapees, implicates the despotic leader Kim Jong-Un as being personally responsible for vicious and vile atrocities.

The secretive state has denied and dismissed the report, claiming it is a document of falsified evidence created by the United States, the EU and Japan to justify regime change.

The report makes for nauseous reading; 50 years of murder, political repression, sexual abuse, abhorrent use of torture, including nails slowly being pushed up fingernails, and incarcerated people having to transport deceased prisoners for disposal. Food has become a source of control, with prisoners being forced to live off grass and rats. Political repression is not a surprise in this state, but the extent to which the state has perpetrated crimes worthy of intervention has been greatly enhanced by this report.

…China’s sustained support of North Korea, including repatriating escapees, could make them complicity in these crimes…

The report recommends that there is sufficient evidence to charge a number of officials, including Kim Jong-Un, with crimes against humanity at the International Criminal Court. However, China’s position on the UN Security Council enables them to veto such an act; as China is the North’s key political ally it is unlikely that it would allow any movement such as this to be made. Michael Kirby, the chairman of the report, insinuated that China’s sustained support of North Korea, including repatriating escapees, could make them complicity in these crimes.

Since Kim Jong-Un took power in 2011 western interest in the North has heightened; the new leader has heightened the state’s antagonistic rhetoric regarding the US, resulting in nuclear tensions last year. He then had his uncle executed, possibly due to the potential threat to his power that his uncle represented; from an outsider’s perspective, North Korea is looking increasingly unstable, and that is of immense concern to the west due to their nuclear capability.

…the soviet model has resulted in similar political repression…

The few peeks we see of North Korea shows a state reminiscent of the Soviet Union; military parades; prison camps; state propaganda at a concerning high level, resulting in what appears to be brainwashing. Is it surprising that the soviet model has resulted in similar political repression?

North Korea is a stagnant remnant of a bygone era dominated by economically driven ideological struggles. The human rights abuses number in the thousands, yet the rest of the world stands idly by and allows a voluminous variety of vicious, vile and utterly despicable acts of brutal inhumanity to be committed. When Nazi concentration camps were liberated following the war the world said ‘never again,’ yet there are countless examples of horrific acts being perpetrated; Rwanda, Serbia and now North Korea.

…the real threat of nuclear warfare…

It is not a shock that North Korea is guilty of acts of savagery; it is after all an oligarchy serving a despotic dynasty. The level of belligerence the outside world has shown prior to the onset of Kim Jong Un’s rule is astounding; are we only interested now because of the increasingly antagonistic rhetoric and the real threat of nuclear warfare? Sadly, it looks like this is the case, yet the inhumane, unjustifiable, poverty, oppression and control is what should shock us into action, not the nuclear threat the state could unleash on us.

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