In the UK we are lucky to be spoilt for choice when it comes to universities. The capital boasts over 50 amazing institutions, and outside of it we are simply spoilt for choice.

But how do you decide which university is yours? The best way is to attend an open day and get a feel for the location that you ultimately may be defining your future on.


Take your parents

This may seem like a stupid point, but your parents know you pretty damn well. They are only looking out for your best interests and as they have existed longer on the Earth they should be wiser to the world (I say should lightly). Others will turn up with their parents so don’t feel like they are cramping your style. They just want you to be happy and make the right choice.

What to wear

Simply be yourself. Wear smart casual clothes that you feel reflect your style and you are comfortable in. You will be viewing accommodation and most of the student campus so you may walk a long way. Don’t wear stilettos.

Be yourself

So many of my friends turned up to university wanting to be someone they weren’t. It’s understandable as we all want to be the cool person who creates trends. But remember that you are unique, and realistically unless you are a superb liar; at one point you will get found out. Friends come to visit and give away a lot. You have been warned.



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