Unless you have no interest in films, you would find it hard not to know something about The 88th Academy Awards. As per usual we are given a list of candidates who are up for the coveted award and there has been no lack of drama this year; Leonardo DiCaprio hopes to win his first Oscar, George Miller’s semi independent Mad Max film being nominated and Eddie Redmayne being nominated for an Oscar and Razzie at the same time.

SPECheck out the guys over at SPE Podcast who debate the nominations and have a chitty chat.

On top of this, there is controversy over racism among the academy and how they select nominees. Many actors have spoken out about the hypocrisy of lack of “people of colour” who receive awards. However, on the other side many actors are combating this by saying that only those who are worthy of wining the award, whatever colour of their skin, should be nominated.

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