Oslo, Norway, a city boasting an impressive history, known as the “Viking City”, neatly contrasting with its mild climate and tranquil surroundings. One wouldn’t expect this to be a site of tragedy and mass murder.

However, unfortunately for those caught up in alleged gunman Anders Behring Breivik‘s rampage, the idyllic lakeside at Utoya only provided a scene of utter carnage, something miles from anything the residents of Oslo have ever witnessed.

 …an agonizingly long hour of sheer terror…

Friday, 22 July is a day that will haunt the families of those 92 killed, for their loved ones had to endure an agonizingly long hour of sheer terror, before they were shot and left for dead.

After masterminding bomb blasts, which killed 7 in Norway’s capital of Oslo, Breivik travelled to a nearby island at which a summer Labour Party Youth Camp was being held.

A haunting image of the gunman standing over his victims has been released.

According to witnesses, he posed as a policeman and rounded the children up, gaining their trust before taking out his shotgun and shooting any moving thing in sight. Mass panic ensued, prompting the youths to jump into the water to try and escape the hail of bullets. A haunting image of the gunman standing over his victims has been released.

Police have released a statement saying that the investigation is still open and that they are trying to determine whether Breivik was working alone, or was part of a bigger and much wider plot.

Even when answers are gained, it will provide little comfort for those who have been scarred beyond comprehension, losing their loved ones in the most horrific way possible.


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