Weddings, supposedly the biggest day in any woman’s life, but honestly what is there to look forward to? Friends and family getting drunk, spending way too much money on food that never turns out to be nice and that embarrassing relative who cause a massive problem that only you can fix.

So to get you in the wedding planning mood, check out these recent (kind of) scandals that have made these weddings scandalous.


The Monaco Royal Wedding

Keep smiling...

Everyone loves a royal wedding, especially if it’s already got a bit of scandal surrounding it. Looking like a fairytale wedding, Albert of Monaco tied the knot to former Olympic swimmer Charlene Wittstock. All seemed well; however behind the scenes it was all about the paternity test. It seems that the Prince has a nasty habit of getting women pregnant. Promising he had given up his old stallion ways, Charlene agreed to marry him. Skip to the day and the Prince was in trouble over a third paternity test. Having already had two children to two other women, the couple walked down the aisle with fake smiles aplenty.

No doubt that the millions in settlement to his children will keep them quiet, but imagine the horror of everyone sighing when you both say “I do”.  That’s a lot of pressure for one woman to take.


The 7 floor high Jilted Bride

He wasn't worth it

Over to China where a lovely bride was left a couple of days before her wedding by her groom for another woman. Being a bit depressed about this, the bride got dressed up in her gown and tried to kill herself by jumping out of her 7 storey apartment window. If it weren’t for someone grabbing her she would have succeeded.

Luckily she is alright now, but check out the worthwhile CNN report:



The Nazi

Was he a real Nazi?

A member of the political party, A Just Russia, caused a stir when he turned up to a wedding dressed in a Nazi uniform. As you can imagine this was not taken lightly by the rest of the heads of the party who subsequently ostracised the member for doing it. The political party works on the platform of principles of fairness, freedom and solidarity. It calls for a “New Socialism of the 21st Century”, which guarantees the rights and freedoms of the individual and ensures the proper functioning of a welfare state.

The member argued his case saying that he is a patriot and the uniform he was wearing was the same as Admiral Wilhelm Canaris, the head of the Nazi Abwehr spy network. He goes on to explain that Canaris was not really a Nazi and helped Jews to escape persecution. He himself was executed in a concentration camp.

So what is worse? A political figure causing controversy at your wedding or a guy with a swastika in your Wedding photo?

Images courtesy of Monaco and Admiral Wilhelm Canaris


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