I would say that I am a competent driver. Compared to my sister who, as my father would say, has a lead foot, I am happiest going out for an adventure day in my car with friends in the passenger seats. This of course doesn’t mean I am a perfect driver (a scary icy road a few years back could’ve ended this journalist’s adventures), but unlike a few of my friends I am in no way reckless, and happily abide to the no drinking rule (not even one!) when I’m the designated driver.

CarSo I was more than happy to try out the ‘STEREO-types’ quiz by Marmalade that, through a fun multiple question game, would determine whether or not I was the stereotype of the reckless driver. All my super car/driving knowledge pointed to the opposite, but I was up for the challenge and in competition I would be put into a prize draw to win a new car.

The game starts by building up your avatar (sex, skin tone, hair colour etc) and determining what type of driving license you have. After this the real questions started appearing, and every time I answered a new piece was added to my avatar. The questions ranged from preferred music choice to the type of job you have. As I neared the end I was given the ability to see what a reckless driver and safest driver avatar looked like. Mine looked like neither, but I had conviction that I am a competent driver. And this was the result…

My avatar is eerily close to how I look in a car...

My avatar is eerily close to how I look in a car…

So overall not too bad: I don’t believe anyone can have a perfect time driving (especially as London drivers in my area are somewhat terrible and dangerous), but as a result I think it does sum me up as a driver.

Having driven for a few years now I can understand why younger drivers get pigeon-holed as risks. Marmalade offer the assistance to get younger drivers back on the roads as cheaply as possible which can be a god send when faced with the extra costs usually accredited to those aged between 17-24.

So how did you fair on the game against others? Do you believe you are pushed into a stereotype? Let us know in the comments below. And share your avatar with your friends and make sure you get into the competition to win a brand new car. Check out the quiz and more information about the campaign.

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