Team building activities are a great icebreaker. They are also aimed to improve and develop team relationships and strengthen dynamics and create a sense of identity. They are fun and makes players competitive and helps in team building.

While doing these activities never veer away from these objective of the game. If you are planning for a team building, the following ideas may come handy.


Human Knot

An immensely popular game. It’s easy and quick to grasp, the game involves creating and then untying the human knot. Stand in a circle and try to grab hold of someone else’s hand. Without letting go, try to untangle the knot.

The game involves problem solving skills and team work.



It’s a number game which involves bingo cards, a caller and a dauber. Objective of the game is to cover all numbers present in the card as and when the bingo caller calls out the numbers. You can try the game online. There are good many sites around like GameVillage Bingo. Try your hands to know more about the game. Find more here.


The Name Game

All players sit in a circle. One person says his/ her name aloud with a personal characteristic starting with the same alphabet. The second person utters the name and personal characteristic of the previous person. This chain continues till the end. It’s a game that helps everybody in the room open up.


Encouragement Game

All players sit in a circle armed with a piece of paper and a pen. Each person has to write their names on the piece of paper and pass around the chits randomly. Each person writes two characteristic about the person and pass it to the person sitting on their left. This continues till everyone has written on the paper. In the end, people read out the names and the characteristics others in the room wrote. It is an affirming game and makes people in the room filled with self-confidence, positiveness and something they’ll remember for years to come.

These were few games I had in mind and thought to pen down my thoughts. If you too have some equally encouraging game, feel free to share your thoughts with us.

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