This isn’t another preachy “festival must-do” list. I’m not going to tell you which acts to see, how to get there or how much alcohol to pack. I’ll assume you’re intelligent enough to make those kind of choices yourself. What I am going to tell you is some Bestival-only tips that will almost certainly help you navigate the three or four-day summer roundup heaven that is Bestival.

1. Thou shalt not arrive during daylight hours on Friday

The one big problem with Bestival – and there’ s only one – is that it’s on a tiny island with only one way of getting there. Most people arrive on Thursday and soak up the festival vibes for an extra day, but if you absolutely have to go on Friday, sacrifice an hour or two of sleep and head down just after breakfast. That is unless you fancy taking several hours to do a 15-minute journey. (This is all assuming you’ve booked a ferry in advance, which you have because you’re not an idiot.)

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