This month, the Institute for Economics and Peace published their Global Peace Index. The interactive Global Peace Index map allows you to see for yourself the least peaceful, most war torn, and chronically unstable countries around the world. With 22 different indicators from Terrorist Activity to Political Instability, the GPI is a startling look at the world, with Europe ranking the safest continent and South Asia the least.

The top ten safest and most peaceful countries were deemed to be, in order, Iceland, Denmark, Austria, New Zealand, Switzerland, Finland, Canada, Japan, Belgium, and Norway. Let’s however, tear away from the most peaceful places and look at the least from ten to one. 

10. Central African Republic

With it’s main issues mainly regarding militarisation, society and security as well as domestic and internal conflict, the Central African Republic has seen a great deal of fighting between Muslims and Christians that has waged on since last year, making it the 10th most unstable country in the world.


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