If you haven’t seen the latest piece of propaganda from the BNP, then you really are missing a treat. A video, starring the oddest collection of children and young people in the UK, has emerged calling for other young voters to take a stand and vote BNP.

The Youth BNP, now known as “Resistance’, are led by Kieren Trent, who does not make an appearance in the video. If you haven’t had the pleasure of watching this internet car crash, allow me to shine some light. The three minute clip, which appears to have been put together in front of a green screen in someone’s shed, begins with some ominous, apocalyptic music, followed by the blank stare of a pasty looking white boy.

He addresses the ‘British Youth’, pointing out that it is us who are responsible for ensuring that the British culture and identity are not eradicated. The result of us standing back and taking no action against our culture and identity being crushed? ‘The bastardisation of the genuine diversity that makes up the rich tapestry of human kind.’

…it is us who are responsible for ensuring that the British culture and identity are not eradicated…

Oh no, don’t worry. We’ve only just started. And it gets so, so much worse. Up next is an even pastier, bespectacled nerd who is ranting about debt, then yet another young white man asks us, with his best impression of a grown up’s voice, ‘who is responsible for allowing Islam to have an impact on our society?’ (Real emphasis on the word ‘Islam’ there, someone has attended an amateur acting class.)

The icing on the awful cake? That’s when the pale zombies rhyme off every group responsible for the ‘atrocities’ they mention. As well as bankers, ‘heartless Zionists’ and ‘cultural marxists’, pink jumper girl shifts her anger to ‘the militant homosexuals, who push for gay marriage and adoption, in order to destroy the traditional family unit.’

Oh yes, of course. The militant homosexuals. Simple, really.

…bankers, ‘heartless Zionists’ and ‘cultural marxists’…

Just when you think the video can’t get anymore laughable, the group of deadpan children sign off by clarifying that this is not a request, but a demand. BNP leader, Nick Griffin, has defended the video, and has even admitted that his own daughter is the pink jumper, ‘militant homosexual’ girl. Shock horror! “I stand by every word of (the video) because every word is true,” says Mr Griffin.

It’s worrying though, isn’t it? Worrying what people, some too young to vote, can be lead to believe by extremist parties such as the BNP. We can all sleep peacefully however, safe in the knowledge that the BNP were completely wiped out at the European Elections, with good old Mr Griffin losing his seat representing the North West of England.



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