“Cover your eyes, sweetheart. Miley is twerking again.”

Culkin, Lohan, Cyrus, Bynes, Spears, Bieber. They’ve all found fame, and then swiftly fallen into the dark depths of the clichéd child star demise. We’ve watched them grow from adorable children into drug addled party animals, sometimes costing them their careers, and in other cases allowing them to enjoy glittering comebacks.

This week the world watched as ex-Disney pop princess Miley Cyrus lit up a joint live on stage at the EMAs in Amsterdam. The ‘twerking’, face pulling, weed smoking Miley is a far cry from her Hannah Montana days – but was this dramatic rebrand really necessary for Miley to further her career? Well, it has done wonders for her album sales, with Bangerz going straight to number one in the album charts upon it’s release, and the media hasn’t stopped talking about her since her startling transformation. Maybe it’s working then?

…the good old days when baby faced Bieber was a good…


In the past month we’ve also watched teeny pop sensation Justin Bieber spray paint some walls with graffiti, get kicked out of various hotels, spit on his fans and was then filmed sleeping in bed the morning after the night before by one of his romantic conquests. Ahh, remember the good old days when baby faced Bieber was a good, clean role model to tweens everywhere? Those were the days.

Child stars are pretty well known for their deteriorations, with the likes of Lindsay Lohan struggling with drug addictions, Winona Ryder being caught shoplifting and Amanda Bynes landing herself in rehab after her bizarre antics. Is purely down to the fact that these stars are surrounded by the wrong types of people, encouraging such behaviour and goading them to take drugs, or is it all just part of the fame game?

…Daniel Radcliffe admitted struggling with an alcohol problem…

It’s interesting to note the difference across the pond. Not many British child stars end up the same way their American counterparts do. Think on the three stars of Harry Potter. Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson have all enjoyed excellent careers post-childhood despite their child star statuses. Daniel Radcliffe admitted struggling with an alcohol problem at the end of filming Harry Potter in 2009, and spoke openly about how he sought help and since last August has been completely teetotal. No pictures emerged of him falling out of nightclubs, and his alcohol addiction wasn’t made aware to the public until he had overcome his issues. It was dealt with behind closed doors and away from the intense glare of the public eye. Jamie Bell, Nick Hoult, Frankie Sandford, Pixie Lott and Juno Temple are all UK born child stars who have also gone on to enjoy successes in their fields without becoming another ‘child star gone bad’.

Surely the fact that Miley Cyrus’s latest album reached number one and that her face barely leaves the tabloids depicts what a sad state of affairs the entertainment industry is facing. Does she really have to strip to nude underwear and stick her tongue out to further her career? What about the Gabrielle Aplin’s, the Birdy’s and the Ellie Goulding’s out there that release great songs and don’t need to flaunt themselves the same way?

…save our child stars…

Let’s group together and save our child stars before we see more repeats of the past. Why don’t we start to give more credit to the stars with genuine talent and discourage those who go to extreme, often dangerous ways to seek out controversy to further their careers?

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