On the 1st of November, 2007 Meredith Kercher, a British exchange student studying in Perugia, Italy was found dead on the floor of her bedroom. The murder shocked locals and those following the story across the world. Meredith was the first person to be murdered in the culturally rich town of Perugia in over twenty years and the media swarmed as the events surrounding her death began to unravel. 

Initially, Rudy Guede, a local barman was charged with the sexual assault and murder of Meredith. He is currently serving an eighteen year prison sentence for the murder. Meredith’s roommates, Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito were also arrested and charged in connection with the murder which prosecutors believe was the result of a sex game gone wrong. After both Knox and Sollecito were found guilty of murder and sentenced to twenty six years in an Italian prison, they were released in 2011 following a lengthy appeal. 

This month, after the prosecution were granted an appeal, the guilty verdict was reinstated and Amanda Knox was sentenced to twenty eight years in prison and Raffaele Sollecito, a slightly more palatable twenty five years. Both parties intend on appealing the convictions, but will Amanda Knox, the mysterious American student who gripped the attention of the media, ever return to Italy?

…both Knox and Sollecito were found guilty of murder…

It’s unlikely. With unclear extradition laws between the US and Italy, the chances of Knox being sent back to Italy has been described as ‘possible but improbable’. This week it was revealed that the judge who convicted her for the second time has made public comments about the case which breach legal rules in the country. After defence lawyers said that the judge’s comments showed prejudice in his conviction, this may mean Amanda has a better chance than ever of living the rest of her life free of a looming prison sentence. Amanda stated in an interview last month that she would never return willingly and would have to be taken ‘ kicking and screaming’ to Italy. Experts say that there is no reason as to why the US would refuse an extradition application, even if it does take several years. 

So why all this confusion? With the convictions, appeals, guilty and not guilty verdicts – why is it still unclear as to what really happened to the person at the heart of the case – Meredith Kercher? DNA evidence is key in the case, with new developments and leads which will hopefully lead to a clearer picture of what happened to the British student. 

…there is no reason as to why the US would refuse an extradition application…

The media has been obsessed with Foxy Knoxy, the fresh faced American student since the murder took place. She has faced a media frenzy with commentators dissecting her every word, examining her body language and pondering over her every public appearance. The story of Amanda Knox isn’t over. We’ll continue to hear about her in the coming months regarding the case and whether her not she will be forcibly taken back to Italy to face the music. Wrapped up in the media storm, it’s easy to forget that at the heart of it is a family is without their daughter, and another family may have to say goodbye to their daughter for almost thirty years. 

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