Two weeks ago Current Affairs editor, Cait Thomson, published an article on Jeremy Paxman’s interview with Russell Brand. It seems a few people in Britain would like Russell for Prime Minister while others shiver at the sound of his name.

Brand is calling for change; hence where he gets his followers – as the current system of politics, or how it is managed, disagrees with a lot of us. Yet to name his revolution he chose the words Socialist and Egalitarian – ouch!

It is no wonder that so much controversy was brought up on the issue as historians and experts were soon reminded of Mao Tse Tung, Stalin, Fidel Castro and even Hitler, to keep the list short.

…socialism and egalitarianism are rooted at the same principal: equality…

Put that together with the diverse definitions both socialism and egalitarianism philosophies have and it is no wonder this soon became a bit of an scandal, while a lot of people began working really hard to make Russell look really bad.

Both socialism and egalitarianism are rooted at the same principal: equality. Yet in pursuing this apparent just and natural state of governing we have seen wars begin and the people loose their freedom to tyrants and dictators.

…good versus evil of political doctrines…

Instead of clinging to endless discussion of good versus evil of political doctrines, let’s focus on what Russell Brand is not joking about and clear up the buzz behind the one of Paxman’s question that represents in it self all the other ones: “What is the scheme?”

Simple, the scheme of Russell includes redistribution of wealth, heavier taxation and increased responsibly from the large corporations; those that exploit the environment in special.

…people should have the same amount of material wealth no matter what…

Also a review of the concept of profit of those same companies that – strangely- seems to lead directly to the deficit you and I feel in our personal budgets sometimes but more importantly that spreads hunger across the globe.

Now what Russell is NOT talking about is the equality of results where all people should have the same amount of material wealth no matter what – this being the scary side of socialism that takes away your individuality.

…governments and large corporations are taking loads and not giving much back…

To sum up, his revolution is before anything else merely pointing out that, governments and large corporations are taking loads and not giving much back; and as a consequence leaving behind a trail of under service, generating problems such as drug usage, crime, poverty and environmental destruction.

In his own words “As long as the priorities of those in government remain the interests of big business, rather than the people they were elected to serve, the impact of voting is negligible and it is our responsibility to be more active if we want real change.”

…wake up and reclaim the right to vote…

If you don’t listen to anything else he says, hear at least his plead – for you, me, all of us to wake up and reclaim the right to vote and make that vote count; in a transparent, easy to access, people friendly system.

Like him or not, Russell Brand’s revolution or any possible change for the better – in how ever form it may come – is a direct result of you and your actions.

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