Picture this: a tiny starving child with wrinkled skin hanging off their bones and flies covering their grief-stricken face, totally powerless to their morbid fate which lies ahead.

This is an all too familiar image of African famine. An alarming number of malnourished children are being sacrificed by their mothers, wanting to save their other children from this “burden” amidst the ongoing Horn of Africa drought.

The people with power to stop this horrific problem and provide the food and aid which is so desperately needed turn a blind eye…

Imagine how awful your life must be to make the conscious decision to let your baby die, just so your other children have a better chance of surviving for a few more days, or at best a few weeks.

The worst thing is the majority of the world is ignorant. The people with the power to stop this horrific problem, and provide the food and aid which is so desperately needed, turn a blind eye, as they always have done. As long as they’re making mega-money by exploiting the vulnerable, they’re really not fussed.

The problem doesn’t stop here.

The drought has caused food shortages for over 12 million people within places such as Kenya, Ethiopia, Djibouti and Somalia. But the problem doesn’t stop here.

Ongoing conflicts have meant that until July of this year, militant groups had only allowed aid organisations limited access to large parts of southern Somalia and eastern Ethiopia, causing thousands of desperate Somalis to seek refuge each month in Kenya and Ethopia since the start of 2011.

This put a huge strain on the very few and limited aid camps set up, with one in Kenya being overwhelmed by 370,000 people. With many people dying while travelling to these camps, even the “lucky” few who eventually reach them and stagger through their flimsy gates, with hope of finding  food and clean water, don’t get the help they need.

People really need to stand up and to do something…

Supplies are limited and strained and the problem persists. People really need to stand up and to do something; anything is better than nothing. But to make a difference, it’s the people in positions of power who have to now take responsibility and tackle this problem head-on.

The African people have had to deal with so many horrendous problems and issues, it’s time it stopped and it’s time we started acting like compassionate, caring human beings.


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