It’s now considered the world’s number one search engine and over one billion unique users visit it every month. YouTube has only been around since 2007, but in that short space of time it has seen such incredible popularity and it’s unclear where that success will take the company next. Whether you use it to watch videos of babies laughing or goats shouting like humans, thousands of people are turning YouTube into their full time jobs.

It’s no secret that people have been using YouTube as a source of income for several years now. Anyone who generates enough interest from users of the site and racks up a couple thousand views will be offered the opportunity to include adverts on their videos. After that, if your popularity continues to increase, you might be selected to become a YouTube Partner. American YouTubers like Phillip De Franco, Charles Trippy, Shay Carl and Ray William Johnson are amongst the biggest names in the YouTube game, but here in old Blighty we have our fair share of YouTube celebs. In the Guardian’s list of highest earning British YouTubers we’ve got the original master of YouTube, Charlie McDonnell, Alex Day, Tanya Burr and Jack and Finn Harries.

Doesn’t sound too bad – does it? Make some YouTube videos, get people interested and watch the bank balance topping up, sounds perfect and all from the comfort of your own home. There are however, several things you have to keep in mind if being a YouTuber is your dream career. Firstly, be prepared for the fame. Many popular YouTubers enjoy an intense stardom that can often come on incredibly quickly. You only have to type ‘PointlessBlog’ or ‘Zoella’ into Tumblr to be instantly bombarded with thousands upon thousands of posts, pictures, fan art, fan fiction and general teeny craziness. It’s unlikely that when Zoe Sugg, the now incredibly successful YouTube beauty guru, thought when she first sat in front of her camera that she would experience intense attention from adoring fans from across the world. Think crazy One Direction fans. Not always fun.

…it just takes luck…and sometimes simply sheer madness…

With the same hand, expect not to be noticed. It takes a lot of hard work, creativity and commitment to generate even a slightly substantial group of subscribers. In other cases though, it just takes luck…and sometimes simply sheer madness. In many cases however, it’s who you know that will get you places in the world of YouTube.

On the subject of beauty guru’s, it has been discussed at length in the press that YouTubers who are paid by a company to review a product in their videos must make it perfectly clear that they are being paid for advertising standards reasons. If you do happen to have a beauty blog or YouTube channel, it’s important that you bear this in mind if you are approached by a company to talk about one of their products.

…the potential to be viewed by so many interested people…

With 100 hours of content uploaded to the site every second and with more viewers than any television channel, it’s mind boggling to think about the potential for success and this is what lures many wannabe YouTubers in. With the potential to be viewed by so many interested people, who could resist having that kind of a platform? It’s also true that many of the biggest beauty bloggers in Britain have more subscribers than the readership of every UK based women’s magazines combined. 

Whether it’s comedy, daily vlogging, beauty, gaming, or lifestyle advice, YouTube is an incredibly lucrative and booming career path. If you are one of the lucky ones to be embraced by users and picked up by the company – excellent, if not, keep trying, but hold onto your day job.

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