Everyone talks about how the world is dying. Global warming, deforestation or even fracking could hurt the environment more than we realise. One of the worst things that humans contribute to is the extinction of other species.

In the last 5 years, rhino poaching has significantly increased. In 2008, 83 rhinos were killed and poached for their tucks. Jump forward to 2012 and the number was 1004. If the rate of poaching stays this high; future generations will only read about the rhino.

Voices of Conservation are running an amazing competition to help stop these poachers. Simply put together a team of 6 and make a 2 minute video explaining your solutions to rhino poaching. Check out the competition here for the FAQS and where to submit.

…spend time working on a conservation programme…

The winners will travel to one of Southern Africa’s leading privately owned game reserve, where they will spend time working on a conservation programme, of which rhino conservation is a part. They will work with Dr William Fowlds, one of South Africa’s leading wildlife vets and the face of ITV’s recent Safari Vet School series.

The winning ideas will be discussed and put into practice if they are feasible.

Check out the competition and site here.

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