No doubt you have friends who strongly believe that the only place to be in the entire universe is London. And that’s absolutely fine! However, one of the big downsides to being a ‘Landaner’ is the hefty price you will pay for your accommodation.

After all we are talking about this nation’s capital, so you’d expect rent prices to be more than other more remote places, but not so much that you can’t actually live.

Supposedly, on average, to scrape by you need to be earning over £26000 in order live and eat comfortably. And for many people this just isn’t a reality. There are ways around beating this like instant payday loans: Swift Money are a great example as you can get up to £1000 direct you r bank account in 10 minutes! Amazing stuff is the rent or food situation gets a bit tense.

Take a moment to think about your friends and their jobs. Do any of them have their own place? Or do they house share or share with a partner etc? The truth is London is a great place to be, but it is not the best place to save up or even buy a property.

So to show you the difference in costs of living versus wages check out this amazing infographic:

Swift Money Infographic - Final Draft

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