The Conservative Party has a reputation for being trailblazers in the field of prominent political women due to the legacy of Margaret Thatcher. David Cameron is attempting to enhance this legacy by placing more women in higher profile positions, such as Education Secretary in order to allow him to look progressive in the next election. Under this Tory government there have been advancements in the field of equal marriage and now women are supposedly being seen as equal within the political arena.

Except, that is not the case.

The women appointed to these positions deserve recognition for reaching such a highly respected role within politics. However, rather than radically altering the system to enable and facilitate true change that would give equal opportunities to women, these are women who have changed themselves to fit the system.

…women are supposedly being seen as equal within the political arena…

Cameron ReshuffleNicky Morgan, the new Education Secretary, has come from a privileged background attending Oxford University and becoming a lawyer. She has not got a background in education and is not representative of women as a whole. Women make up roughly 52% of the population, yet parliament is failing to reflect this.

I would love to see a truly gender equal society where we are all judged by our contribution to society. I doubt that we will see this day under a Conservative led government, and I truly doubt that Nicky Morgan is going to herald in an era of gender equal teaching in schools. When asked to explain her opposition to equal marriage, she responded with ‘marriage, to me is between a man and a woman.’ If Gove’s precedent of allowing personal views to filter through the system continues under this new Education Secretary then we have a real problem on our hands.

…Women make up roughly 52% of the population, yet parliament is failing to reflect this…

It is not the job of Government to allow personal prejudices to influence legislation, but this is an almost inevitable result of politics. The views of Morgan are telling of the Tory Party’s motives. She may be a woman, but her support for restrictions on abortion and opposition to equal marriage shows her politics to reflect a much more masculine perspective.

If we want true change then politicians must come from the people; The Green Party has three high profile female politicians in Jenny Jones, Caroline Lucas and leader Natalie Bennett. These women are in political positions not because they are token gestures to appeal to the electorate, they are there because they are good politicians.

Hopefully the electorate will not be fooled by Cameron’s scam. The Conservative Party has not purged itself of the ‘male, pale and stale’ image that it has been plagued by. It has pushed the men to the back, but it is still by far an organisation that is solely focused on keeping the status quo, not heralding in a new age of gender and sexually orientated equality.

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