Come this May we will be voting in the next General Election. Exciting stuff, right?

Just like in 2010 there will be pre-election debates between the supposed three main parties…and now Nigel Farage’s Tory splinter group will be involved as well. The media have added fuel to the fire that is UKIP, and this has resulted in UKIP’s good showing in the European Elections. They recently received their first MP through a Tory defection, and may soon have another through the aptly names Tory defector Mark Reckless. The media seems to find this singular election as a groundbreaking achievement, but this completely negates the fact that the Green Party has had an elected official through Caroline Lucas MP in Brighton and Hove for the past four years; not to mention the fact that her election was not won by piggy backing off of another party.

The Greens have had a standing in parliament for four years, yet the upcoming leader debates intend to omit them. This means that to the layman observer UKIP look like a decent protest vote, when in fact they are a hyped up version of the Conservatives. They are led by a white, middle class, private schooled, ex-investment banker who used to publicise the Conservatives. It is bankrolled by a former Tory. It is dominated by Conservative remnants and Thatcherite ideologies. They are part of the current establishment, which means that media outlets know how to deal with this form of party. The Greens do not fit this model. They are different, they have high aspirations and a different set of values. This is why there appears to be a media blackout on the party.

…The media have added fuel to the fire that is UKIP…

In the European Elections last May the Greens outperformed the Liberal Democrats. They have members in the London Assembly (which UKIP do not have) and they actually run Brighton and Hover Council. UKIP’s support is spread across the country, but in no place has UKIP received a mandate to govern. Young people are looking for an alternative. Sadly the mainstream media has an insatiable fascination with Nigel Farage and his cohorts which has meant that many disenfranchised young people are falling for Farage’s fascade. Just because he drinks a pint and claims to be an everyday person does not make it true. UKIP have fooled people into thinking they are like all of us, when in reality they have very little in common with the everyday person.

UKIP’s greatest success has been convincing working class people and the apathetic that they are a protest party. In reality they favour the privatisation of the NHS and tax cuts for millionaires – can you think of another party that stands on this platform? UKIP are the faction of the Conservative Party which looked like it was going to split in the 1990s over Europe. They are not different. They are not a protest.

…UKIP have fooled people into thinking they are like all of us…

To leave the Green Party out of the leader debates but include Farage would be a tragedy for democracy. We pride ourselves on choice, but because of the medias desire to talk about UKIP it looks appears as though we only have a limited choice; there is an alternative. Look to the Greens for a nonconventional protest to the Westminster system, not Farage’s Thatcherite party. The blackout of the Green Party by conventional media shows that our political system is in a state of disarray; the media decides the elections, not the populace.

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