The end is nigh!

According to those pesky old Mayans we are all doomed as the world ends at the end of 2012. Is it true? Or are we all part of one giant practical joke thousands of years in the making? Well some scientists believe it could happen… so without further a do here at MouthLondon we present the top 5 theories to the end of the world.



A plausible explanation for the end of the world, and something we would not be able to prevent would be a collision by another planet. This rumour has been circulating since the 80s that the government knows it’s coming, but to stop widespread panic they just didn’t say anything.

Survivability: 0/10


Biblical destruction

With more and more extreme weather conditions battering the planet every year thanks to global warming, some believe that god will bring back the old ways of sorting out the non-believers and heretics: flash floods, earthquakes and smiting.

With rising water levels, toxic pollution and vast mining operations creating instability throughout the earth’s crust; a large worldwide tremor and flash floods is a possibility.

Survivability: 5/10


Nuclear Holocaust

Too many fingers are hovering above the big red button, and all it takes is one slip up or angry moment and every nuclear missile will fire instantaneously.

Survivability: 2/10 + mutants


Sun Supernova

The sun in reality is what gives us life on earth. Without it we would just be a block of ice spinning around in the cosmos. Scientist fear that as the sun gets older it may spurt out flares to relieve tension or worst off just explode. Expect a large shockwave that would destroy the system.

Survivability: 0/10


Collective Consciousness

This is by far the most interesting of the end of day’s theories. The belief is that at the end of the year the entire human race will change into a vast collective consciousness and in our new found evolution and power, destroy the world. It’s only a theory, but could humanity actually destroy the world by thought?

Survivability: ?/10

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