While so many of us would love to be able to mark the New Year with a thoroughly remodelled kitchen, the sheer costs of a new kitchen can be difficult to cope with. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t at least make your existing kitchen look like new with the following cheap, basic changes.


Get the paint brush out!

Whether it’s your cabinets or the walls, there are so many areas of your kitchen that can be brought bang up to date with a simple lick of paint. Consider contrasting warm or light colours with cream or white for the perfect combination of neutral and non-neutral shades.


Put up wallpaper

This is one of the quickest and cheapest ways to switch up the mood of your kitchen, whether you cover up all of your walls or simply create a modest feature wall for making a big impact in a small area. Just make sure you choose kitchen-specific wallpaper that stands up well to heat and steam.


Replace the worktops

New laminate worktops are surprisingly affordable, especially if you research the online discounts offered by the leading DIY stores, and can make a massive difference to how your entire kitchen looks. If you have a bit more money to spare, why not specify one with a built-in draining board or heat rod?


Revamp the floor

Kitchen DIYDon’t worry about necessarily having to take up your entire kitchen floor if the current one doesn’t look up to scratch, as you may be able to just lay any new flooring on top. For a traditional look, consider the benefits of pre-oiled engineered oak, or opt for cushioned vinyl for a more contemporary appearance.


Enhance your storage options

Just tidying up and reorganising your existing storage spaces might make a big enough difference, but if that’s not enough, having a unit or two with pull-out shelves or drawers could give you even more square inches of immediately usable space.


Replace your cabinet doors and handles

Create a mix-and-match look by replacing just some of your cupboard doors, or go the whole hog for a more uniform appearance. Opt for a more modern look with sleek white doors and handles, or fit wooden or distressed doors that give a pleasant ‘country house’ vibe while also being cheap.


Install additional lighting

Illuminate your worktops with spotlights, install halogen bulbs in the extractor and introduce ambient overhead lighting to your dining area, and you will probably be astounded by the difference. Just make sure you use a qualified electrician for any more complex changes.


Purchase new appliances

New appliances like kettles and microwaves can refresh your kitchen without the need for any of the furniture to be replaced. Freestanding appliances – rather than, say, fitted ovens – are the easiest to replace. You may also replace your existing appliances on the grounds of energy efficiency.


Adorn the walls

I’m not just talking about putting a few shelves up. What about those framed art prints that you had always meant to display somewhere, or a mirror or clock? Consider what items – if introduced – will make your kitchen more functional and/or a pleasanter place to be.


Introduce exciting accessories

Why not neatly arrange your favourite crockery and glassware on your dresser, or flaunt family photos, potted plants or jars on open shelves? Drape oven gloves out of drawers, hang up an apron on the door or invest in a few shabby chic plates or teapots for a really interesting kitchen.

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