As a privileged westerner in particular, it can be easy to presume that ensuring the right dental hygiene is a pretty straightforward task – don’t you just need to brush and floss your teeth regularly? You may not, therefore, imagine that dental health is the pressing issue that is actually is for not only millions of Americans, but also many more people across the world.

Here are 11 facts about dental hygiene, collected from the most reputable sources like the American Dental Association (ADA) and the World Health Organization (WHO), that you may be surprised by.

  1. In 2014, only just over half (52.3%) of adults reported that they had visited the dentist every six months for the last few years.
  2. 15.4% of adults reported that they visited the dentist once a year…
  3. …while 11% reported only doing so once every two or three years.
  4. About 22.9% of adults in 2014 indicated they were unsure or definitely did not plan to visit a dentist in the coming 12 months…
  5. …for which the most commonly cited reasons included cost, a lack of time to get to the dentist and having a healthy mouth already (and therefore not needing dental care) – according to 40.2%, 14.1% and 32.7% of respondents respectively.
  6. Worldwide, some 60-90% of schoolchildren and almost 100% of adults have dental cavities.
  7. Across the world, around 30% of people aged 65-74 have no natural teeth.
  8. 15-20% of adults in the 35-44 age group suffer from severe periodontal (gum) disease.
  9. Between 2000 and 2013, the proportion of Medicaid children who visited a dentist within the past year jumped from 29% to 48%.
  10. The period between 2005 and 2013 also saw a rise in dental care utilisation among children with private health benefits, from 60% to 64%.
  11. HPI has developed a new composite measure of oral health status, based on various self-reported measures. On an index of zero (frequent oral health problems) to 10 (no oral health problems), the average oral health rating for US adults was 7.9 in 2015.

DentistSuch statistics as those above are sure to be an eye-opener to many Americans – who could have imagined that such a small number of us even attend our dentist regularly, for example, or that there are so few older people who have natural teeth? It will also be a shock to many to read of how common dental cavities are in both adults and children.

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