It’s about time we had some colour in fashion. As much as I love black it’s been done, re-done and done again. Needless to say, colour is back and with a vengeance. Whether you break previous fashion faux pas and combine colours such as red and purple or stick to one shocking pink dress, it will be difficult to enter spring with a wardrobe filled with different hues of grey.

My favourite colour of them all however is blue. A colour more often associated with tears and depression has entered the realms of high fashion and what’s more this colour isn’t any ordinary blue, in a Devil Wears Prada style irony, it’s cobalt blue. No longer is such a colour banished to the ever so embarrassing 80s power dresses, but when combined with a silky cocktail dresses, as seen in Miu Miu’s recent shows or stunning jumpsuits by Mulberry, this is a colour which oozes class.

This isn’t the only reason why I’m pleased colour is back in. It’s about time fashion provide us with an escape from the doom and gloom of British politics. Fashion, like the visual arts, can be a direct reflection of current affairs and the society in which we live. In reinventing our use of blue, we can make our wardrobes say that we refuse to fall into the blues, that we will emerge fresh from all that January has thrown our way: so blue for the spring sky, for colour and for weathering it with class.

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