After having all her clothes burnt (forcing her to wear a paper bag), and flying around the world on a dragon, Princess Elizabeth arrives to rescue her fiancée. He tells her to come back when she looks more like a princess.

As you’d hope, she realises she’s better off without him and sets off into the sunset to make her own path in life.

Luckily, we don’t need fires, dragons and princes, to be able to realise that we all sometimes make too much of how we look.

Prison Clothing

After a few weeks imprisonment with essays and revision, I found myself at the library and once more surrounded by students. Suddenly, I was very conscious of what I was wearing.

Having been sat at my desk, with the outside world hidden behind piles of books, fashion had hardly been on my mind. I’ve been working the old, oversized jumper and leggings look. Sometimes with a blanket, and always with a cup of tea and bags under eyes.

Back in the real world, admiring outlandish jewellery and haircuts I could never pull off, I found myself making a shopping list. New shoes, more dresses, different bag. Then it struck me: why couldn’t I just appreciate other people’s clothes without needing to compete?

Paper Bag, Not Shopping Bag

…easy to base how attractive you feel on what you’re wearing.

I had, after all, been very happy wearing clothes for comfort rather than show. Not that there isn’t a time to buy new clothes or look your best, but does it have to be every day? And do I always have to have a shopping list floating around in my mind?

I get the feeling Trinny and Susannah wouldn’t approve, but I think old, comfy clothes are underrated. Particularly as a girl, it is far too easy to base how attractive you feel on what you’re wearing.

It’s important to take care of yourself and not feel the need to hide your charmingly good looks, but it’s also important not to rely on them. Since when has that one-more-item that my wardrobe needed really done it? And since when has complimenting someone’s clothes really been a compliment about them as a person?

Off Into the Sunset

Maybe I’ll find myself buying some more summer dresses, or those new shoes. But next time I’m sat outside the library, I’m going to enjoy my book, rather than take notes on what everyone’s wearing.

Image courtesy of Mark Sebastian


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