We’re a nation of coffee freaks, there’s no doubt about it. No more so than in the capital either, where a trip to the café has become daily fuel for the entire city. The only trouble is our busy schedules make that morning detour to the cafe tricky to squeeze into those early hours of the day. But you don’t need to work up a sweat before the grind even begins, because you can get your kick-start in the comfort of your own home and still make it to the office on time – without the rush. Whatever your caffeine fix you can bring the café-quality bevvies to your living room and take a moment to enjoy a bit of quiet time before the madness all begins.


For the espresso heads

It’s the coffee shot that started our love affair with barista culture and the base for other favourites, like lattes, mochas and cappuccinos. There’s no messing around with milk or cream for this little brew though and you’ll struggle to squeeze a punchier dose of caffeine into such a tiny mug. It’s not that difficult, and interestingly enough, although this beverage is more concentrated than most coffee drinks, its petite stature means there’s normally less caffeine content than the majority of other coffees.


For the casual slurper

Coffee fixWe can’t all pretend to enjoy the intense hit of an espresso first thing in the morning and – let’s face it – a single shot just doesn’t go far enough when you want to sit back and enjoy the taste of something tall and milky. That’s where the aforementioned lattes, mochas and cappuccinos come into the mix—as well as macchiatos, Americanos and sweetly-flavoured lattes (this mocha latte is delicious and dead easy to make), until one cup doesn’t cut it anymore and you still find yourself rushing to clock in on time – careful now!


For the die-hard barista fanatic

Okay, fine. If café-quality bevvies aren’t good enough for you, unless they come with the name of your favourite barista house sprawled all over them, then you still don’t need to worry. Costa, the UK’s biggest brand in all things caffeinated, as well as Cadbury and a host of other beloved brands, offers up a range of teeny instants to pop in your coffee machine. So you really can get that café-quality bevy in your own home, no matter what your usual order is.


And finally, for the caffeine-free

Not everyone needs a caffeine fix to get over the nasty ring of that alarm clock in the morning, but you can still enjoy a warming cup of decaf and claim a few minutes for yourself. You can always lash some decaf into any recipes for the rich flavour without the buzz.

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