During London Fashion Week, all the papers buzzed with the latest catwalk creations. In the heart of London, however, the Waterloo-based vintage shop What the Butler Wore came up with a fresh idea…

The owners came up with a fabulous idea to merge the contemporary events taking place across London with the classic clothes they have to sell and put them on the runway. The event managed to gather a lot of people who seemed to share a similar love for vintage clothes.


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Music was provided by a DJ who helped the atmosphere turn amazing. The set was brightened up with Christmas lights and discreet candles. The front row seats were literally antique chairs name-tagged – which made the event seem even bigger.

…instant frenetic ovations coming from the audience…

The show itself seemed to be really cozy and familiar as the models were friends of the shop owners and the whole atmosphere was really comfortable. Every appearance was followed by instant frenetic ovations coming from the audience who seemed to enjoy every bit of the show.

From tailored suits to flattering dresses, from nautical outfits to high heels, the show managed to cover all the decades that make this vintage craze so fabulous. The basement of the shop turned for one night into a time machine that sent every member of the audience back into the past.


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