Turning your passion into your profession

While you’re at university, you may already wonder about your future and what’s in store after graduation and beyond. Many people follow their passion to university, with a clear picture of what their future will hold, and this is particularly the case for dancers and other performing artists. But how can you take the next step towards your dream job and turn your passion into your profession?

Living the dream

For many ballet students, the idea of having the opportunity to hone their skills as a dancer and take part in regular performances as their career is a true dream. But while many aspiring professional ballet dancers would love nothing more than being able to perform for a living, the road to success is certainly paved with challenges, and many struggle to make their dream job a reality.

If you’re studying ballet at college or university you’re already on the first rung of the ladder for pursuing your dream. While gaining a qualification is an all important part of the journey, there are plenty of challenges to face along the way.

Standing out from the crowd

Similar to most other performing arts careers, professional ballet dancing is a highly competitive field. Every audition has hundreds of applicants – each hard working and determined to land the highly sought after role for themselves.

With the competition being so fierce, rejection is a natural part of the process. Many professional dancers have been rejected any number of times, simply because the director is looking for a very specific type of dancer with a specific look.

Rejection can be tough and some dancers have been rejected hundreds of times before they were offered a role. That’s why it’s so important to be thick-skinned and determined. No one likes to be rejected, but with performing arts careers it goes with the territory.

A helping hand

Of course, in addition to the fierce competition, minimal roles and brutal rejection, ballet dancers need to be in peak physical condition, work and train for long hours and constantly perfect their technique and hone their skills. With all that in mind, there’s no question that the road to becoming a professional ballet dancer is a challenging one.

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