It is difficult to write about this place without giving the game away as to what one is in store for.

So if one does not want to know the details do not read on after the next sentence. This place is interesting and is worth a visit one evening (bookings available here)

For the rest of you who want the curtain opened, then here goes. One has to book a two hour slot on the Evans and Peel website mentioned, then an email of acceptance is received depending on availability. The location is behind an old laundrette off the Earls Court Road. Above the old wooden door is a 1920s font of ‘Evans and Peel’ with a small door bell. You would not know this place existed unless you do the detective work yourself. Once rung a voice inside unlocks the door and invites you down. There one is led down a narrow staircase and confronted with a small American office again from the 1920s. A confrontational woman sits behind a desk and asks for ones case. There a pretend problem is required for a response for the pretend private detective, After a quick chat about ones fictional case, one is guided through a bookcase, opened by a moving book as a switch.

…one cannot really stumble upon this place and be unaware of what is happening…

Here the main rooms are viewed: a lavish wood panelled prohibition era bar. One is given a table with authentic candle light and old equipment. This is complete with a full bar menu and cocktails. Quite dark inside and is perfect intimate conversation with friend or partner rather than a large group ready for drunken revelry. The food is a little expensive for the portion size as they are only generally bitesize as they are American tapas sliders. Some things are a little more reasonable like the radiator grog on the menu is Meantime Pale Ale beer which is sold at the price of £4 per pint an average throughout London.

The little touches of the place make all the difference for example the wine bottles come wrapped in a brown paper bag in order to disguise from a possible police interruption but also perhaps to disguise the wine as a cheaper brand than the one ordered a thing I never checked. Also the staff stay in character throughout to keep up the pretence of secrecy and intimacy fully dressed in appropriate attire.

…The little touches of the place make all the difference…

As one cannot really stumble upon this place and be unaware of what is happening, the best thing to do is take someone who does not know and fabricate a story to the detective on the door to confuse ones partner. Great concept, creativity and thought has gone into this place and is perfect for a unusual London bar which is not touristy but is probably best as a one off treat rather than for repeat visits.

Evan and Peel Detective Agency is available for booking at

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