There is nothing more frightening than starting somewhere new and having to fit in. Whether it’s a job, starting university or even going to a party where you know nobody; everyone gets that daunting feeling.

redlegpressBut on top of this there is body image. In the last ten years, thanks primarily to positive stereotypes from celebrities, film and television; younger generations have learnt that having a good body is part of growing up. Although the UK is still battling obesity, it is apparent that more young people are clued up on how to maintain a healthy and good looking body.

That said there is a still a large proportion of the population who are never satisfied with their image and will always find fault in themselves.

British Military Fitness (BMF) have recently been on a roadshow around the UK identifying what we dislike the most about our bodies, and more importantly, how we can change to lead a healthier lifestyle.


In London the biggest concerns were…

Female Body Hang Ups-

Stomach: 41%

Thighs: 14%

Bums: 6%

Bingo Wings: 6%

Chest: 1%

Back: 1%


Males Body Hang Ups-

Stomachs: 62%

Chest: 26%

Backs: 10%

Thighs: 3%

Bums: 0%

Arms: 0%



Females in the south – 71% more conscious about their bingo wings than females in the north

Males in the south – 29% more conscious about their chest than males in the north


The stats highlight that everyone has body issues which means you aren’t alone. So if you are starting university this month take stock that those around you are all as self-conscious as you both in mind and body. But remember that university is about excess so take it easy on the drink and you might make it out without a beer belly. Maybe.



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