Loving The Hummingbird Bakery, I was excited when we were given the chance to review their amazing cook book, filled to the brim with cakes and other yummy ideas. I’m a big fan of home cooking and have my own recipes for muffins, cookies and cakes, but when it comes to replicating some of the nicest recipes I had to give it a go and I enjoyed myself thoroughly.

So the book itself is bright and carefully laid out by interesting chapters along the lines of Birthday Treats, Summer Afternoon Tea all the way to Rainy day treats. With full page, glorious photos of your future baking treats it’s easy to pick something to cook. The appeal of Hummingbird Bakery goods is the pairing of tasty and unusual flavours that look fantastic and their cute, sometimes simple designs.

Having the book for only a few days I have picked out four treats I had a go at:


Gingerbread Cupcakes with Lemon frosting

Gingerbread is one of those treats that should be had more often. If baked right the little men should be crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside with sweet tasting dough that leads to a fiery after taste. Seeing the cupcake version in the cook book I hastily got ready for their concoction and baked a nice tray of these beauties. The upsides to this recipe were that the ingredients were standard and simple to get and the ending flavour was indeed fiery. My only downside was the lack of gooiness in the cake that you associate with their man shaped brothers. But I looked past this as they were cupcakes and in the end they were light and fluffy leading to a feasting frenzy between me and my friends. The icing complemented the fire, but be warned when doing any frosting as too much of something can ruin it and I found myself adding more icing sugar as the topping became very sloppy.


Fizzy Orange Cupcakes

These cupcakes were a variation on the book’s Lemonade Cupcakes and are simply changed by adding orange syrup and fizzy sweets. They were light and fluffy, but had a fantastic zing to them that was perfect and complimented the sweet cake base. Although I wanted to make the original lemon version I opted to use oranges (as my nephew said it was his favourite and he is the boss supposedly). The recipe was really simple to follow and you can decorate them with more fizzy sweets which is a great excuse to use a quarter of a bag then eat the rest.


Chocolate and Chestnut Biscuit Bars

Easily the fastest recipe, I had to work on and the results were stunning. Think of a chocolaty refrigerator bar that blends goo with crunch and your about there. So simple to make and if your not a fan of Chestnuts you could always change them for something else just as crunchy. Easy as melting some butter and chocolate, pouring over your assorted biscuit, dried fruit and nuts, stick them in the fridge when packed down and then remove, chop up and enjoy.


Chilli, Cheese and Sweet corn Muffins

I opted for a savoury muffin to test if the cookbooks savoury was as good as the sweet. This recipe is a fun and alternative to the sweet toothed lovers’ muffin out there. The muffin is light and has a heat thanks to the chilli paste. I wanted to make mine a bit hotter as my friends enjoy spicy foods, but I warn you be careful! The chilli can really overpower some of the lighter flavours. Having the sweet corn adds a cool element and the cheese can be replaced depending on how mild or strong you want the flavour to be.

Overall the book was a delight to use and the recipes simple and delicious. If you don’t have a clue about muffins, cupcakes and frosting there is a wonderful chapter at the end of the book about the essentials you should have and how to frost a cupcake etc.

It’s well worth a look if you’ve ever enjoyed a Hummingbird cake, but if you’re not a big home baker just pop into your local Hummingbird bakery and try out what’s on offer. You won’t be disappointed.


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