For years we’ve been looking to celebrities for fashion inspiration, and Celebrities have begun to cash in on this, using their iconic clothes to sell to adoring fans, raising valuable money for charities.

Take the royal wedding as an example. Before the wedding was even over Princess Beatrice’s ‘moose hat’ had a Facebook group, had been photoshopped as a pretzel and slagged off by virtually every fashion blogger and critic. Not one to take criticism seriously, the princess has capitalized on the media attention of the Phillip Treacy creation and recently placed it on ebay to raise money for charity. Raising over £80,000, the once mocked garment is now the most valuable headpiece in the world.

…a viable and usually generous source of income for charities…

Fashion is now a viable and usually generous source of income for charities and nothing sells quite like something with a celebrity seal of approval. Princess Beatrice is the latest in a long line of kind hearted celebrities, who have auctioned off their hand-me-downs to raise money for the less fortunate.

A personal favourite, the dress Audrey Hepburn wore in How to Steal a Million raised over $100,000 for the children’s charity she set up. Princess Diana auctioned off a host of her old dresses for charity, most notably a blue velvet dress she wore to the White House which set one successful bidder back $222,500. And the dress Kate Middleton (pre wedding hysteria) wore in a St Andrews fashion show sold for $125,884.

…Samantha Cameron’s Polka dot dress from M & S.

Websites such as have taken advantage of the growing trend for auctions selling celebrities’ old clothes and promote events that stock hand-me-downs from Venus Williams to Eva Longoria. Lesser known celebrities have also taken note from their A list counterparts and whacked their high street wears online to raise money for a cancer charity.

The Royal Marsden charity auction allows you the chance to be the proud owner of a Burberry dress once worn by Sarah Jessica Parker, or more bizarrely a Dorothy Perkins maxi worn by Tamzin Outhwaite, or Samantha Cameron’s Polka dot dress from M & S.

Unfortunately, for most of us mere mortals, splashing our cash on a Kate moss cast off is not an option. But if you did buy Beatrice’s crazy headdress can you really see yourself wearing it to lectures?

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