There is no doubt the Christmas spirit is long gone now – not only for me but I reckon for everyone.

Perhaps the only reason why someone would still stick to the tradition of celebrating this holiday for its religious purposes, is if someone still has the power to believe in something in this day and age (no intention of offending anyone here: I do appreciate and respect people who can still believe!). And the other reason must be if you have children or you are still under the illusion that Santa exists: then yes, the magic is still there. Since I am neither a child, nor do I have kids, nor do I celebrate the religious fete, I am prone to be the Grinch this year.

To me Christmas has lost its magic. It’s not the first time I’ve found my presents in the cupboard in November and pretended like I had no idea that Santa doesn’t exist, but when my family guessed that I stopped believing and just started putting the presents under the tree under my very own greedy eyes. That says a lot doesn’t it? For me Christmas has always been about waking up ridiculously early just to see that pretty sight of the Christmas tree surrounded by boxes nicely wrapped, ribbons and candy. It is not that I didn’t see another part of Christmas – as a young girl I used to stand by the constant indoctrination from school that strongly stated that we should celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and nothing else, as everything else is just a product of Coca-Cola&Co. To be honest, what always gets me most excited about Christmas are actually the Coca-Cola adverts with the trucks bringing the beverage to town, as if it was the magic elixir Santa knows for sure that everyone wants.

…Yet again a big mistake…

Christmas is also a time to eat. As much as you can, as if you haven’t eaten the whole year. Yet again a big mistake. Where I come from, the Christmas feast should be the reward you get after the Lent. But since nobody I know seems to stick to that, we will keep eating meat even on the Christmas Eve and then wake up and have pork in any form for breakfast, lunch and dinner for three days in a row. Then take a little break and do it all again on New Year’s.

What also puts me in my Scrooge mood is the whole advertisement of Christmas. Especially in London. Last year I found it amazing since it was the first time I had seen it here. But this year, I just couldn’t care less. If anything it just makes me colder and colder. The Christmas lights used to be such a joy – because in the end the view is really pretty. But I’m not happy with them. It brings out this picky side of me that I don’t need to know of. And all this organisation of turning the lights on in London is so exhausting. Not that I attended any of them – yes they are nice and entertaining for some people who enjoy standing in the freezing cold to see some D-list celebrities flicking the button, but for the rest of us, it’s just a big inconvenience: bus routes are seriously affected and if you happen to bump into a massive crowd of jolly people heading home from the big event, good luck making your way through them.

…I pity the nowadays parents…

I am really glad I am not young enough to believe in Santa anymore. I pity the nowadays parents. Just imagine the letters they must receive from their offspring these days. When I was writing to Santa what I was usually asking for was either a Barbie doll or other sorts of toys, or practical things. Today, kids might as well stamp the Apple logo on their letters and sign it. It’s all about technology: game consoles, Apple products, toys that could outsmart them and so on. To them it’s fun, and hopeful and something to look forward to. For the parents it’s just another bill arriving in the form of an endearing letter to Santa. But by next year they will be outdated, the kids will be one year older, the stake just gets higher and higher.

This 21st century might not appear like it is pictured in futuristic films with flying cars and steel and iron all over the place. But we sure do share an ice-cold heart. There is nothing around us anymore to warm it for us. The older I get the more pessimistic and stuck up I get. I don’t like it, it shouldn’t be like this. However, if I were to be any other way, the society would diss me in an instant. So the choice is to be either falsely entertained by this thing we call “Christmas” these days or just choose to close your eyes and hope the last two months of the year will just go. To me a perfect Christmas would be a Dickensonian one: when people used this celebration as an excuse to eat the best meal of the year, to be happy to be home together with their loved ones and just accept that another year has gone. This is the Christmas I am looking for and I am determined to find it.

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