Londoners spending more than ever getting their coffee fix

Getting that morning cup of coffee is essential for almost every worker in the UK. Sometimes it feels like we can’t function at all without that uplifting caffeine burst in the morning. For those in the capital, it’s almost a routine. Get up, find the nearest coffee shop, jump on the tube and head to the office.

Londoners are spending more and more on their daily cup of coffee and consider the pick-me-up equally as important as buying a loaf of bread or milk for the week. And it doesn’t look like our coffee addiction is going to slow down anytime soon!


Coffee prices on the rise

In 2013, Yahoo revealed there are now 15,000 coffee shops in the UK, with 5,000 of these made up by the top chain sellers.

Furthermore, the cost of an average cup of coffee now stands at £2.20, marking a 70% jump on the 2003 price of £1.30. Of course, in any of the high-end coffee shops, this could be much, much more.

It seems incredible that coffee beans, water and sometimes milk and sugar can cost so much and take such a great chunk out of our weekly wage.

…£4.40 a day, £22 a week, about £88 a month and £1,056 a year…

Let’s take the average cup of coffee. Imagine you purchased two cups a day, every working day for a year. That’s £4.40 a day, £22 a week, about £88 a month and £1,056 a year.

According to the Office for National Statistics the average salary in the UK is around £21,550 a year (excluding bonuses), or about £1,796 a month.

That means you are spending over almost 60% of a monthly wage per year on your cup of morning mud. You can see how the pennies quickly add up.


Brits on the search for budget friendly brews

Although the UK economy is emerging ever so slowly from recession, there is still a pressing need for many Brits to save as much money as possible.

Especially for those in the capital, the cost of living still remains astronomically high when taking into account food prices, the cost of rent and mortgages and the money spent on the daily commute. That’s not including the matter of whether you have a family to support.

…one habit you could cut out from your daily routine to give you a little bit more money…

Buying coffee from a shop in the morning is one habit you could cut out from your daily routine to give you a little bit more money in the bank.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t still get your favouriteflavours and that morning boost you need to get you through the day.




Coffee machines great for the home and office!

It could be as simple as buying a machine that you can use in the home. Or, you could club together with the people at work to put a coffee maker in the office kitchen.

To satisfy your caffeine cravings, why not purchase a Tassimo coffee machine? The pod capsules for these impressive little bits of kit offer a range of different coffee options, whether it’s a lovely latte or an energetic espresso you so desperately crave.

Even if it’s not coffee you are after, you could still benefit from the machine as there is also a range of hot chocolate, tea and specialty drinks for you to enjoy.

…you won’t need to head across the road and take valuable time out of the working day…

Not only will the handy drinks help enable you, and perhaps your co-workers, to save money on the daily cup of Joe, but there are also many other upsides.

For example, with a coffee maker located in the office that provides quality drinks, you won’t need to head across the road and take valuable time out of the working day to get your caffeine boost.

Furthermore, forget waiting in enormous queues at the coffee shop! It takes just a few seconds to fill your mug with the stunning aroma of freshly brewed coffee. It also removes the temptation to buy a little cake or treat from the coffee shop counter, saving you even more money each month.

…make you more alert throughout the day…

A coffee machine in the home also means you can enjoy an instant morning caffeine hit. Just wake up, roll out of bed, head downstairs to turn on the machine and watch your mug fill with glorious java.

Buying a coffee machine could change the way your morning routine works, will make you more alert throughout the day and ultimately, could do wonders for your bank balance.

With so many stylish models to choose from, you’re sure to find a coffee machine that not only fits in with your lifestyle, but also the design of your kitchen.

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