No need to adjust your eyes: bold colour is having its moment. Dress in neon. Dress with texture. Dress to be noticed. Firstly, let’s get one thing straight – dressing classy has not been abandoned for the sake of colour this season. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Dress in Neon

Designer Jil Sander has paved the way – care for a bright orange, silk-gabardine skirt, anyone? Parting from vintage this season, a collection of feisty, fussy and cheerful surplus will be inspiring the high street all summer long.

This is perfect news for all us students, who can now style for less. Topshop threw caution to the wind when a Neon Orange Sleeveless Tie Shirt recently brightened up their summer lines. Priced at just £22.00, this orgy of colour is hard to refuse.

Cheap And Cheerful

…scientifically proven to lift moods…

Primark have even entered the colour contest with a neon green dress at the price of just £14.00.

And don’t think you men can get away with it either. Topman has recently featured a bright Yellow Neppy Crew T-shirt amongst their summer lines. Boys, bang this on and prepare to be noticed.

With prices this good, a splash of retail therapy is bound to lift our spirits after a hard few months of exams.

Bright colours have been scientifically proven to lift moods, so for those of you feeling stressed from exams: get coloured up to brighten up.

But remember:  make it orange, make it yellow, make it green and make your mark: BOLD.


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