In my last Fashion feature, I wrote about the unprecedented hype surrounding Yes Master Lingerie’s Black Label collection at London Fashion Week. However, with the average item setting you back a few hundred pounds at the retail price, the Black Label range is sadly unattainable on the average student budget.

So, imagine my delight when I learned that Yes Master would be hitting the High Street, collaborating with Urban Outfitters to bring some truly amazing designs to the average shopper. In true Yes Master style, expect a feast of textures and patterns, for example their gorgeous Cosmic and Spooky prints.

…not only is the Cosmic Bra a darker, edgier twist on the Dark Side of the Moon bra, but…

Not just for the heavy weights anymore!

With frills, layering, and a host of lavish trims made from materials such as satin and velvet, the Yes Master for Urban Outfitters range doesn’t cut any corners. Nor does it fail to bring Yes Master’s unique and opulent style to the High Street, combining luxury with affordability.

Of special note is the Cosmic Satin Bra, which is reminiscent in style of Yes Master’s Dark Side of the Moon A/W10 collection. However – and rather ironically – not only is the Cosmic Bra a darker, edgier twist on the Dark Side of the Moon bra, but it is available for just £45, so what’s lost in terms of exclusivity is more than made up for price-wise. Furthermore, the mix-and-match nature of the collection means that you can choose to pair the bra with three different types of underwear: the Cosmic Satin Pants, the La Luna Briefs or the Midnight Frou Frou Knickers.

Described on Urban Outfitters’ website as a brand “favoured by the red carpet elite”, Yes Master’s collaboration with a High Street store brings a touch of glamour to the Average Josephine – good news for you and your wallet!

Images courtesy of Yes Master and Urban Outfitters


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