Cosplay is an abbreviation of costume play: a type of performance art that involves dressing up as characters from films, graphic novels, video games, etc; it all depends on the Cosplayer’s taste. It is rare that something can bring me back to my childhood days of running around pretending I was Superwoman (yes this did include attempting and failing to fly) so I was more than enthused when I discovered the immense popularity for Cosplay in London.

As soon as I found out about Kapow! Comic Convention 2012, a massive London comic convention held in London, I knew that I had to go and see what all the fuss was about. Kapow! Began in 2011, but is already a majorly popular event; bringing in an audience of 10,000 in its first year. Kapow! Allows those who share a passion for every type of Comic to come together and appreciate different artists, celebrities and mediums in the Comic Book world.

I was blown away by the detail of some of the costumes…

On the way to Kapow! I had kept a clear unbiased stance. Approaching The Business Design Centre in Islington, I already noticed the surge of Comic Book characters walking around most namely: Poison Ivy, Hellboy and Captain America. I was blown away by the detail of some of the costumes and realised that any stigma attached to this art (mainly from those who believe it to be geeky and pointless) is completely unjustified.

One of the Cosplayers who attended Kapow! 2012 (dressed up as the Marvel character The Scarlet Witch) thought it would be awesome to dress up as one of her favourite comic book characters and had no idea there was such a wide community for it. She emphasised the amount of time and effort that goes into the costume making process, all of which is worth it when you see the final result!

…the atmosphere is outstandingly friendly…

I spent the entire day bumping into many different characters (some of which I didn’t know) but still found the experience amazing. The organisers definitely saved the best event till last: the Cosplay competition involved each character getting on the main stage and posing in their role. It seemed as though all of those who attended Kapow! were watching;the cheering could be heard throughout the venue.

I encourage anyone to go to a Comic Convention, especially those who have ever cast any judgement on Cosplay or Comic Books:  the atmosphere is outstandingly friendly and the amount of art to see and panels to attend is incredible. Celebrities this year included: Jonathan Ross, Nick Frost and Adam Garcia. The next major Convention takes place on 6 July at The Olympia Grand Hall in London; The London Film and Comic Convention (LFCC). There will be many more celebrities attending this convention including Hayden Panettiere, Anthony Head and Gillian Anderson. I can only imagine will be just as amazing as Kapow!

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I'm currently at Royal Holloway University of London and am completing a BA in English Literature. I enjoy theatre, gigs in and around London and have recently taken an interest in comic conventions. I have always had an interest in writing whether it be poetry or short stories.

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    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this article and gained a imaginative and detailed insight into the world of ‘cosplay’. This article was informative and well-written, well done indeed!



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