Crossing borders is never meant to be easy, especially when it means leaving home from one continent, crossing time zones and arriving at another. I have made such a journey. My destination: London.

If you’re an international student from a non-EU nation, your very first introduction to England takes place at the border in Heathrow Airport. I found myself jet lagged and disoriented after almost half-a-day’s flight, responding to an officer with a half-raised eyebrow asking me why I’m here and saying something to the effect of “show me the money!” I showed him the money, told him what brought me here; and with his eyebrow remaining where it first was, he went on and stamped his approval on my passport. I had arrived – officially…

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Dilhara is a some-time writer, aspiring to be a full-time publisher. At present she is busy Mastering Publishing at University College London (UCL) and has her fingers and toes crossed that it will lead her to the publishing career she’s hoping for.

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