Keep your Autumn Bright, Bold and Bejewelled

Top Jewellery picks to liven up your autumn wardrobe

‘If you do not accessorise, you do not dress.’

Someone said that once. Or I said it five minutes ago, either one. Whoever said it, they had a point: something as simple as a t-shirt and jeans is instantly improved with the addition of a statement necklace, long pair of earrings or fun bracelet. It may be autumn and we may want to wear leggings and an oversized jumper every day, but there’s no excuse for your jewellery to follow suit in the same autumnal colours your clothes have adopted. Along with a coat of nail varnish or splash of lipstick, it’s the easiest way to add a bit of jazz to your outfit. Here’s some colourful picks to get you in the mood.

Shimla Jewellery

These bracelets are fun, simple and come in a wide range of bead sizes and colours. Not only are they unisex – perfect for sharing in a competitive household – but they practically beg to be layered for a creative mix of colours and shapes. Try layering three or more in reddish hues and pair with a LBD and red shoes for a casual yet bright evening look.


Premium neon flower headband  Freedom at Topshop often bring out accessories that hit the spot just right and this headband is one of them. Bold, bejewelled and brilliant, throw this on to bring just the right amount of sparkle to an otherwise dull outfit.


Sometimes all you need is a little bit of sparkle and these evil eye studs are perfect. The beautiful turquoise will instantly remind you of the sweet clear skies of summer and they’re the more affordable version of Kenzo’s beautiful evil eye jumper.


If simplicity is more your jam, check out this mesh-covered necklace from Cos. Although not an obvious destination for jewellery, their pieces are minimalist yet impactful; this forest green is bang on trend and will add an extra layer of beautiful colour.

J. Crew

Flower Drop EarringsAs if you need any more reasons to get excited about J. Crew arriving in the UK in November, take a look at their jewellery, such as these beautiful midnight blue earrings or this tortoiseshell bracelet. Subtly brilliant and in colourful but season-appropriate tones, these will add a touch of casual class to your average workday.       

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