Following the official online release of Bordelle’s SS12 collection, the lingerie lover in me could not wait to view what the new line had to offer. For those of you unfamiliar with the brand, Bordelle is renowned for its dainty, delicate take on S&M and bondage wear, transforming hard-core fetish trends into beautiful lingerie that is more accessible in appearance to the average shopper.  

However, expecting to see a new take on Bordelle’s trademark style, I was sadly disappointed with their SS12 collection. For me, the beauty in the brand lay in the designers’ ability to take a design associated with the somewhat taboo, underground S&M scene and give it a more mainstream makeover.

…reminiscent of the window display of a Soho sex shop.

Bordelle's Look 3

Bordelle's Look 3

This is not to say that Bordelle is by any means a mainstream brand, but rather the concept of the label seemed to bring the previously borderline to a wider, perhaps more conservative, audience. The pieces were always sexy, but never tasteless or seedy in appearance.

In my opinion, the SS12 collection seems to have taken a step backwards, reverting at times to pieces which quite frankly are reminiscent of the window display of a Soho sex shop. Take Look 3, for example: the leather collar, leather straps and O-ring overkill seem lewd rather than luxurious, and more trashy than tantalizing.

…a label that has a huge amount of potential…

The bras from this line are also a disappointment, not because they aren’t attractive but because one would expect more from Bordelle. Brands such as Bordelle should lead the way in innovative and exciting lingerie design, but the SS12 brassieres seem to be conforming to high street styles, a carbon copy of what one might find in Topshop or any other chain store. It is of course true that the quality and craftsmanship of Bordelle’s pieces are far superior to anything one might find on the high street, but this in itself is not enough to redeem their latest collection, or to give the brand a superior edge over its competitors.

Having said this, I do not want to leave you with the impression that Bordelle is a lost cause. I still firmly believe that Bordelle is a label that has a huge amount of potential, and one which has consistently produced a host of beautiful and original pieces. I would merely suggest that its SS12 line is a disappointment, precisely because Bordelle has set the bar so high for itself with past collections.  

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