What you wear on your feet is probably the most important part of any outfit. Not only by look, but by feel. If what you wear on your feet is comfortable, stylish and very importantly makes you happy when you wear it, then you are onto a winner.

Converse trainers are to me, the perfect trainer to own all year round. With the various styles and colours you can tailor your trainer to any situation and outfit. And of course you are not alone; as almost everyone I know owns a converse trainer, and if you head out into London you will not have to go far to find someone wearing a pair.


Going out

Whether you’re a fan of the hi-top or prefer to keep it simple, going out in your converse is a win-win situation. You can pull off the indie look with skinny jeans, prep boy look with chinos or if it’s summer, complete your look with some light coloured shorts.

You can contrast your colours or colour coordinate depending on your location (in London feel free to look like you’ve fallen into your wardrobe and wear anything as no one cares). But when you go to a new party, full of new people, who are going to judge their opinion of you in the first 5 seconds, aim to impress. The diversity of the converse trainer means you can alternate from canvas to leather, from white to black.

…the iconic rubber toe cap draws the eye…

The good thing I have found with Converse trainers is that the iconic rubber toe cap draws the eye, so if you are wearing a nice t-shirt and pair of trousers that shows off your body, there is nowhere for that eye to go wandering.  


Staying in

Going out and being social is important, but then so is staying in and recuperating. Make you trainer your comfy shoes and only wear them indoors. That way you can put your feet up (if you’re flat mates are ok with it) and even jump around on your (or said flatmates when they’re out) bed.


Staying fit

When you get down the gym take a look around and at least one person (possibly more) will be wearing Converse trainers. They’re easy to run in and look great with a pair of trackies. If you want to bring a stab of fashion into the equation grab your hi-tops and tuck your trackies in so the tongue and sides go over the top of them.

If you’re a bit unsure about running on your converse then try alternating and wearing them on different gym visits, preferably those with less cardio and more weight training. Or mix it up and wear them for tennis or indoor football. Both of these are good for you, and you don’t rush around so much that you punish your converse in the long run.

…I strongly suggest you at least go and try a pair on…

What you wear on your feet is a big deal and if you don’t own a pair of converse then I strongly suggest you at least go and try a pair on. At the moment JD Sports are running their JD Heroes campaign to crown the best trainer so if you’re a lover like me head on over and vote.


Check out the campaign video here:


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