The bag you carry is as important as the clothes you wear. It’s a statement. It tells people who you are, what you want and where you’re going. Pick the right one, and it will really make your outfit sing. Pick the wrong one, and you may as well have not got dressed at all. This season says bonjour to some beautiful bags. Invest wisely.


The Knuckle Duster

It’s tough. It’s also glamorous – you need this bag.  This season, rings are no longer your fingers favourite accessories. All you need is a manicure and a Knuckleduster clutch bag. Let it work hard. My favourite clutch has to be the Studded Spiked Knuckleduster Clutch, £45 by Olivia Divine for ASOS marketplace. The bag consists of a black hard case which is embellished with thick silver studs. The handle is a knuckleduster ring style handle, with chunky spikes on the top which give the bag its power status. You can also get cheaper versions of this bag on online sites such as eBay and Amazon. There’s one rule: pair with attitude. The knuckleduster clutch really is the go-to bag when you need to be taken seriously.


The bowling bag

To find the perfect bowling bag choose one that gives you a little something extra than just space. Choose one that creates a bit of drama by investing in one in a striking colour like red or green. Zara has a red Bowling Bag priced at £17.99, but for those who believe that their bag is an investment, Zara also has a striking red Bowling Bag with square metallic ornaments on its handles, £49.99. For those of you who prefer neutral shades, Topshop have the Edge Paint Bowling bag, £36 in black or the Toplock Bowling Bag, £36 in cream. Okay so a cream bag is not entirely all that practical, but when you’re scoring ten out of ten for sophisticated chic – who really cares about practicality?


The Backpack

Is it hard to comprehend the idea of a backpack without considering the painful image of those who pair it with a bum bag or fanny pack and socks-with-sandals? Well no, actually. This season’s backpacks are cool, really cool. This bag takes us back to our school days and it’s everything you need in a bag. It’s usually large enough to fit all of your belongings, definitely ticks the style box and since you can wear it on your shoulder, you can free up your hands to carry more shopping bags – did somebody say Christmas shopping? Urban Outfitters have a range of backpacks to choose from, but I love the Patchwork Geo Backpack, £48 in wine red. Round of applause for its practicality? Please, it would be rude not to.


The Tote bag

Wouldn’t you just love a bag created just for shopping, a bag created just for the evening, a bag created for having wine with your friends and a bag created just for going to university or work? Or would you prefer these bags all in one? The tote bag is this bag. If you choose one in a neutral colour like black or cream, you can use the bag on an evening as well as during the day. It will look smart when paired with heels and clever tailoring for a sophisticated evening look, or casual when slung over your forearm and worn with jeans for a dressed down daytime ensemble. Any bag that says good evening as easily as it says good afternoon has intelligence. Accessorize is home to some of my favourites: the Simone Winged Pocket Tote, £40.00 in red and the Mari Toe, £38 in metallic silver. Good bags deserve good homes so treat it well.

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