There was a time when men were men and didn’t take care of themselves. It was a common complaint among the female of the species and as times have changed, companies and products have been tailored towards men just as much as women.

Metrosexual is a word that has come into fashion in the last five to ten years. With the explosion of positive homosexual characters in film and television, it suddenly dawned on many that it was alright to embrace your feminine side. Sure women like the strong and silent type, but throw them a strong man that talks about their feelings, looks after himself and isn’t gay and the women quickly turned.

So now we are part of the culture that looks after itself. Men share their feelings, shop more than women and keep themselves pampered. With an increase in so called metrosexuality it’s interesting to pick up on the term sexuality included in the name. It’s not necessarily a definition of who you are or your sexual preferences so why are it labelled this way?

…maybe people like to be labelled…

The argument goes that a straight man can do everything a metrosexual would, but he will still identify himself as straight. Perhaps the sexual lines have been blurred, maybe people like to be labelled as something new or ultimately it was all a plan by the corporations to sell pampering products to a sector of the market that had lay untouched for years.

Whatever the reason metrosexuality is now common place and for the majority of people it is a good thing to stay in shape, wear better clothes and look nicer.



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