Recently I had a heated discussion about the proper usage of the terms aftershave and perfume. It sounds silly, but a lot of my male friends refer to aftershave as perfume. If we were in France this would be fine as that is the proper designation, however over here, men wear aftershave and women wear perfume.

After this heated discussion it dawned on me that I haven’t changed my aftershave in a while and it got me thinking: Why do we keep the same aftershave when there are countless hundreds to try?

The easiest answer would be that we like the fragrance, but overall it doesn’t’ define who we are, as thousands of others wear the same.

…to discover a new fragrance…

So as Christmas approached I ventured out to discover a new fragrance and after several department stores and at least 50 testers, I decided on Paco Rabanne Black XS L’Exces for him.

The aftershave is an interesting mix and isn’t so overpowering that it will turn people away. The main hint is definitely one of pineapples, but with others (strawberries, prunes and a citrus smokiness) poking through to create a fresh and bold statement.

…I have changed something about myself…

The aftershave comes in a smart black bottle that fits quite nicely in with all of my other products.

It sounds strange, but it really did take me a while to pick out Black XS L’Exces, but I am glad I did. I have changed something about myself that now others are commenting on. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and throw caution to the wind, you might just surprise yourself.



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