Rather than seeing 2011 as a year that’s almost over, I prefer to see it as another year that brought us some of the most brilliant fashion trends to date. A year defined by bright, notice-me colour palettes, leather – and lots of it – pencil skirts that gave our hips a luxury makeover and an autumn/winter collection where jewel colours were the new black.

But while we’re just getting used to the new trends like wearing black corsets and fetishist, leather skinnies anywhere other than the bedroom, block colour that strains your eyes, and the luxurious prints and patterns, after autumn/winter, it will be time to move on. And with its unique chic, what better way to move forward than to take inspiration from Paris Fashion Week, which featured the new spring 2012 collections.

Think of giant coral and clam shell props and all things Little Mermaid.

Not usually one to shy away from detail, Karl Lagerfeld surprised us all with his spring 2012 collection for Chanel. The collection was not one of Karl’s most heavily detailed, yet minimalistic shift-style dresses and understated white bikini’s featuring pure, white and pastel palettes still made their mark, and made it well – simple yet so perfect. Think of giant coral and clam shell props and all things Little Mermaid. Then imagine it all on the Chanel stage fused with frills, deluxe embellishments and poufy sleeves and there you have it: an underwater utopia.

One accessory intrinsic to that of Chanel is unarguably the use of pearls. Hair accessories and waist belts made up of the rare items, replaced the usual long necklace strands and really gave the impression of a glistening underwater haven. The models themselves enhanced this impression by gliding down the runway with pearls in wet-look hair and placed on the face. Well, what better a way to create the illusion of glistening fish scales? Admit it, it’s genius – I have. If you’ll be taking inspiration from the spring 2012 Chanel collection, remember: props and face pearls are optional, a playful, girlish attitude is essential.

…Louis Vuitton does not do understatement.

Although Karl’s collection for Chanel did feature some of the upcoming trends for spring 2012, like the drop waists of the 1920s and slightly hinted at vintage swimwear, it is clear that the new collection for spring 2012 has not strayed far from the classic Chanel affair.  However, after a season of popping our colour and fetishist collections, Chanel’s clientele will be happy to treat themselves to something simple and girly.

You know the phrase, all or nothing? Well the phrase has never been as true as when applied to the fashion house, Louis Vuitton. Minimalistic? Never.  Ornate? Always. Having their current-season collection arrive on a catwalk during Paris Fashion Week by way of elevators – not one, but three? Yes. Not forgetting the carousel, which featured their spring 2010 collection, Louis Vuitton does not do understatement. Like the previous show, Kate Moss closed the show, but there were a few surprises. The new spring collection for 2012 is quite the opposite to autumn/winter 2011. Think pastel palettes, playful silhouettes, all things nice-and-wonderful and candy, lots and lots of candy.  


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    Amazing work Jess. Very impressive.

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